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About Us

Johnny Louis (Co-Founder and Nature Lover)

Tansey Louis (Co-Founder, Nature Lover and Environmental Biologist)

Bahamas EcoVentures was launched in 2007 with one product; the Airboat Nature Venture. Since then we have grown to a full fledged educational website geared at making learning about wetland science FUN and INTERACTIVE. For those of you who have joined us on the Airboat tour, you know that Johnny Louis and myself (Tansey Louis) are passionate about education and the outdoor environment.

Science is not the boring textbook information most of us learned in school. Science is all around us.

I am an Environmental Biologist but also a nature enthusiast. I wanted to find a way to share my love of education and God’s abundant creations to all who share that interest. Out of this passion, Bahamas EcoVentures evolved, offering not only an adventure excursion, but also online educational courses, field trips and workshops.

If you are a parent, teacher or student who loves nature, science, or the outdoors, then this site is created especially for you. We encourage you to stay connected because we want to hear from you, and continue to offer you valuable and relevant content that satisfies your thirst for knowledge.

To your Success!

Tansey Louis